Real-life nightmares

Woke up from a totally awful dream in which I was a lesbian hooker chasing around the Wolf form of Link (Zelda Game). Then I became the wolf and was desperately trying to find shiny spots in the ground to dig up and use in order to defeat the Big Bad T-Rex that was suddenly in my dream as well.

I never invite these people, I swear.
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A typical morning on Misty’s Planet

Woke up this morning to a lump of fur on my chest and a paw on my nose. Belted out an explicative and committed an act of animal cruelty. Kicked husband’s left thigh while committing said act, and slid onto the ground.

Day commences.
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Hello world!

Four cups of coffee, endless plates of cookies, and one shower later, I have finally come up with an introduction to my brand new blog that doesn’t suck as much as the other introductions I came up with. Notice the as much that I decided to toss in there at the last minute. This is so that no one can leave any sort of comments like, Doesn’t suck?! Hah! Maybe it doesn’t suck on YOUR planet, Misty! BUT IT SUCKS ON MINE!!! HAHAHA!!!

I am very sensitive to people making fun of my planet, so I try to leave as few opportunities for fun-making as possible.
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