Hello world!

Four cups of coffee, endless plates of cookies, and one shower later, I have finally come up with an introduction to my brand new blog that doesn’t suck as much as the other introductions I came up with. Notice the as much that I decided to toss in there at the last minute. This is so that no one can leave any sort of comments like, Doesn’t suck?! Hah! Maybe it doesn’t suck on YOUR planet, Misty! BUT IT SUCKS ON MINE!!! HAHAHA!!!

I am very sensitive to people making fun of my planet, so I try to leave as few opportunities for fun-making as possible.

I actually do think of me, my life, and everyone that has had the misfortune of being sucked into my life as my planet. I have a very small planet that is possibly a blue-y hue. I’ve never kept a journal in my entire life, but I did keep up a sketch book when I was younger. Drawing pictures of angry teachers sporting fashionable horns and flaming ears is not exactly the same as keeping track of day-to-day life, but I’m hoping that it’s close enough to count as experience.

So I decided to try out blogging. The media loves it. Why shouldn’t I*?

I’m itching to say something classy, like No, I’m not sure why I decided to begin blogging – it just called to me…, but this would be a lie, and we all know that lying on a blog is a sin. So I will tell the truth, instead: I was sitting at the doctor’s office, waiting for it to be my turn to be probed in all sorts of embarrassing and non-pleasurable ways. I picked up a magazine. I saw the words, “Ten reasons to keep a journal.”

It turns out that my mind is a weak bowl of pudding, willing to do whatever a magazine requests of me. Since my mother had recently purchased me a computer** and said, “Get online! Everyone else your age is doing it!”, I figured I’d better twist these two ideas into one. Computer + Journal = Blog.

Not sure how that adds up, but it sounds good, anyway.

I was thinking that maybe I should actually start writing about my day right away, but then I decided that if I was going to let other people read my journal (another interesting concept – my friends always hid their journals between the bed and the wall. PRIVATE, NO ADULTS OR BOYS ALLOWED!), I might as well be nice and write something that sounds a bit like an introduction.

So I did. You just read it, actually. Congratulations.
*Don’t answer that. Please, don’t answer that.
**Yes, I know this is backwards. I should be buying her the computer. But she’s always been more ‘with-it’ than I. Always.


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